Friday, November 12, 2010

Monitoring update!

Okay nurse called and my estrogen level is 136 (not sure what's the norm) but with the size follicles I have she wants me to do my trigger shot (Ovidrel) tomorrow night and inseminate Sunday and Monday! I'm just so glad that it's Sunday because my KD is out of town til Sunday evening! And the funny thing is we were emailing this week and I told him that I think we should start inseminating Sunday so we had already planned for Sunday. So, he'll be here straight from this trip and then we'll do it again Monday evening and because I'm such an anal person with this we'll probably do it again Tuesday morning before Michelle goes to work =)))... My KD said that he'll do it everyday if that what we want (he is God sent!)....

So that's it til tomorrow when I take the shot, only thing about that is that after that shot I'm usually so moody! But I'm going pray and believe that I'm not going drive Michelle crazy!!!

Pray for her and me!! =)))

I will end each blog with this disclaimer "I'm not a Doctor or expert on this subject. Anything I say is just informational and you should always speak with your doctor before doing or trying anything I say medically."


felicia said...

Praying for you both in this exciting journey. I must say that I fell in love with this picture. That is one big beautiful brown belly!!! Brings back memories...:)

J said...

How awesome!

Matirio said...

It seems to be getting really close....pray pray and pray