Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Doctor's appointment......

Yesterday went to see a reproductive specialist name Katherine Hayter, WHNP @ Henry Ford Somerset and she was the greatest! I went in with a long list of questions and concerns and she had an answer for everything, and a long list of test for me to have my next period cycle.

If you're over 35 years old and you're thinking about having a baby these are some of the test you might want to have done before you go through the process and become stressed or frustrated that it's not happening fast enough...

First, you should have a Hystersalpingogram (HSG), this is an X-Ray test designed to evaluate the inside shape of the uterus and determine whether or not the Fallopian tubes are open. This study should be done after menstrual bleeding has stopped, but before you ovulate. In general, this may be done between days 6 and 11 of the menstrual cycle.

Next, you should have blood work to test for, Estradiol (E2), FSH and LH, this should be done on cycle day: 2, 3 or 4.. Also, you should have a Progestrone test, and this should be done on 7, 8 or 9 after you get a positive sign on your OPK. This test will tell if you're ovulating correctly because the progestrone level should be high until the start of your next cycle..

She also told me about the different fertility meds I could take besides taking the Clomid I could take Femur..... Femur isn't approved by the FDA for fertility but approved for breast cancer patients but studies have shown that it works for fertility. Clomid is approved by the FDA for fertility but it's not recommended used for more than 6 cycles because it can cause other complications.

For my next cycle I have to watch my CM, do a BBT chart and use an OPK....

So I have a long list of test to do and a list of things to do @ home!!

*sidenote, the instructions for my BBT thermometer told me to either put it under my arm or insert it anally, I chose the armpit and my temperature never read right so I stopped doing that, but I learned yesterday that I should only put it under my tongue or I'll never get the correct reading.... Lesson learned!!!

April M. Mason

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doctor appt....

Well today I'm going to see a reproductive specialist.. Only because I want to make sure that I'm doing everything that I should be doing correctly and because I'm older and need to check the plumbing. I have a long list of questions and concerns printed out for her and she might want to scream from my list I'm gonna hand her!!

Appointment is @ 6 pm, I'm a little anxious and not sure if Michelle is anxious she hasn't really shared her thoughts about the appt... So I'll update you after the meeting this evening....


April M. Mason

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Starting over....

Well my period started yesterday, even though I tested early and it
was negative I still had a glimmer of hope that I was pregnant. By
seeing my period it just confirmed that I wasn't. I'm okay with the
fact that I'm not pregnant, because I cried so much over the past two
weeks I think I was prepared for this outcome.

After thinking about what's next, we decided that we would try again
in May and watch a little closer to my period cycles. Because I
learned that your ovulation date is 14 days before your next period
and my last cycle was 26 days and this one was 29 days so I want to
see if there's a pattern to that. Your period can range from 23-30
days each month and it still be considered regular, anything over 35
days and less than 23 isn't regular and you may need to see a doctor
to make sure you're ovulating each month.

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