Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lacking Motivation...

Okay so the last time I was here I was lost on what to do for this month?!?!? Well after talking with Michelle (my voice of reason!) We decided that this month we would use only the Femara, because we need to read about the side effects of the Menopur and also, using the Menopur increases your chances of have 3 or more babies by 33%!!! That's a lot of babies!! So we've decided to keep using our KD but we are also talking about going back to the donor sperm from the cryobank if no BFP this month.... But we went back and forth with that decision because we think it will hurt our KD's feelings??? He's been so supportive and flexible to us...

My lack of motivation comes from thinking I was doing everything right last month and getting a BFN! So I didn't know what to say to you guys?!?! But I decided that you guys are in this as much as we are, so you deserve to know what's going on!! =)))

I have also decided that I will let God control this and I will just go along for the ride!! =)))

I will end each blog with this disclaimer "I'm not a Doctor or expert on this subject. Anything I say is just informational and you should always speak with your doctor before doing or trying anything I say medically."

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