Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 12,2010...... Now we wait......

Well last night we inseminated... It was such an experience?! The
sperm came in such a small container... And Michelle was so nervous
that it was frustrating both of us?!?! It's funny that during the
whole process it was like I was hovering above my body watching myself
becoming pregnant!!

Sperm definitely doesn't look like I thought it would... It took less
than 15 minutes to thaw it out and like another 15 minutes to
inseminate... The months of preparing it takes is done in like 30
minutes?! It's crazy... But I'm so excited about the possibility of
being pregnant...

After the insemination they recommend that you have an orgasm to help
your cervix "suck up" the sperm... So we debated on how do you do that
knowing that sperm was inside me??? And because the whole process was
so medical, it was like I wasn't a part of the it because all I could
concentrate on was getting pregnant....

So now we will have to wait 2 weeks, because the books say we can test
beginning 3/22, that's 5 days before my next period is schedule to



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