Thursday, January 7, 2010

insemination signs...

Okay so I just finish reading the chapter about insemination signs... It was very interesting and I'm going to give you just a little info....

I know that I'm jumped around but that's how i'm reading the book.. next I will read about ovulation signs and post them... But because I know my signs I wanted to know when is best to inseminate...

Insemination signs:
Ideal day to inseminate
-BBT (Basal Body Temperature) hasn't risen yet or just starting to drop..
-An open cervix
-Your OPK (Ovulation Prediction Kit) is "high" for a few days or "peak"
-Your sex drive has increased..

Too Late:
When you feel that cramping or localized twinge you have already ovulated..
-Circle in your underwear...

2 important points to remember

*inseminate @ your signs of peak fertility..
*Don't delay while holding out for temperature or a positive OPK... While the rest of your fertility signals are screaming peak!!!

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