Saturday, October 23, 2010

September 2010

Okay so now we're into September and still not pregnant, but very hopefully now because I have found this book that is excellent!! From reading this book I've learned so much... Like every month we have been doing everything right, but never heard of "hostile cervix mucus" but that's when your cervix mucus doesn't get clear and like egg whites. So for the past 2 times we were inseminating Michelle kept saying your mucus is cloudy what does that mean?? I don't know, I told her... Having "hostile cervix mucus" mean that your cervix mucus is thick, cloudy and doesn't get clear and that it kills the sperm before it makes it to your uterus. Some kinda birth control huh?? But from reading this book I've learned that Clomiphene can cause "hostile cervix mucus", so using Mucinex can help thin your cervix mucus (like it thins your nasal mucus =)), or using Robitussin.

So now it's September and it's time to inseminate and our donor is so great that he said he would come over everyday if need be but we decide on every other day. So, from day 10-15 we inseminated 4 times!!! All was in vain because @ the time I should have been fertile my CM was cloudy, it's like I need the Clomiphene to ovulate but after taking it for so long that's one of the side effects....

I will end each blog with this disclaimer "I'm not a Doctor or expert on this subject. Anything I say is just informational and you should always speak with your doctor before doing or trying anything I say medically."

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J said...

We used pre-seed. It's the only lubricant that is sperm friendly. =)