Monday, December 7, 2009

More about me..

Well I said that I would get permission from my partner and tell you guys about her. Her name is Michelle and she's 46 yrs. old, we've been together just under 5 months (that's long in lesbian yrs. :-).) But sometimes it seems like we've known eachother longer. She wonderful and just like I want to have children so does she and she's very excited too! I was planning this before I met her, but she has been excited ever since I first told her about it. Okay, a little more about her, She work with patients with HIV/AIDS and she's very dedicated to them, she loves peoples and she very involved in the LGBT community. Something that really attracted me to her was her huge dedication to Spiritual Growth. She's so wonderful to me!!

Okay enough of that! This weekend I decided that I'm going to be more health conscious when I eat (Michelle was a great influence of that decision). I'm not having caffeine anymore (but will need baby steps with that!), but haven't had any this past weekend. I'm gonna eat more fruits and vegetables (another thing, before Michelle I didn't eat vegetables) so I'm doing a lot of growing here!! But all these things are things that need to be done in order to make a healthy place for my baby(ies)...

I will end each blog with this disclaimer "I'm not a Doctor or expert on this subject. Anything I say is just informational and you should always speak with your doctor before doing or trying anything I say medically."

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